Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bear + pegasus= pegibear!

This cutey was a freebie from Vermillion Stitchery , a few years ago actually. Sadly you can't download it anymore. It was a part of a calender series. I only downloaded the ones that I wanted. The site does have many freebies, so I check back every once and a while.
There is one thing that I hate about cross stitching and that is METALLIC THREAD!!! It is demon spawn! And this puppy called for gold AND silver!!! Actually I tend to stay away from projects that call for it. But in the end this little bear turned out so cute!!
He's stitched on 14ct. aida and he fits perfectly in a 4x6 frame. He currently sits on my sewing table.
The other charts from that series that I grabbed were a bear dragon, bear unicorn, and Bucchus the wine bear. And now as I'm typing this, damn I should have downloaded them all!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Video games try to rot your brain, try

Sorry for the period of nonpostiness. I will admit what I haven't posted in a while though. For the past several months I have been playing a video game with the boy. Over the past month I have been glued to it, in preperation for today. Yes, I play World Of Warcraft (the expansion comes out today). I'm not ashamed, I play with my husband so we still spend time together, and it has saved us butt loads of money. We haven't been going out to stores and spending money on crap that they really don't need. I've been ok with this. I talk to my friend every night through the game, she lives in Canada. So I'm really doing two things at once.
I've been working on some Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews, so not all of my time is spent on the compy. When I finish I'll post picys. And there is a little bit of a back story but I will explain when I post the photos.

Now I do have stuff to talk about cross stitch wise.
I don't normal post WIPs but this is my BAP! I started it in November of last year and it's been taking me a while to work on, a. it's big and b. I want to do small projects to put off my boredom with my BAP.

So anyway, on to my big ass project!

I got this Janlynn chart at Wal-Mart before they became one large butt and stop carrying cross stitch supplies. It's just a chart so I bought everything else separately.
The finished product is 8"x15.5". This will be the biggest project that I have ever done. But I WILL finish it damnit!

This is my work "mess". It takes two floss cards and a lot of fabric. I'm using 22 ct. light blue Aida. I'm a hoop user, they work just fine for my, I normally wash my completed project and iron them so I get the hoop marks out. I don't use the wooden ones, they don't hold tension like the tension plastic metal ones (I'm not sure what their proper name is). And yes I have a charm (Hello Kitty in a kimono) on the end of my scissors so I can find them. :)

This is what I have done so far. It doesn't look like much but it is!
One of these years (haha) I'll finish it.
But I'm also working on another Geisha kit.
And as you can guess now, I LOVE Japanese culture!
You should see my living room, lucky bamboo to samurai swords!