Friday, May 7, 2010

I love gnomes in a major way!

Gnomes kick ass! I love them, not only for the yard, but I'm a gamer (pencil and paper), and love to play them in D&D.
When I saw this giveaway from Calamity Kim, I squeeeed!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this apron! It's soooo cute!

Ok, sorry I'm done now... :)

Awesome Embroidery Introduction

I was surfing through the DMC usa site and came across an awesome introduction to embroidery video.

It showed my a better way way to do some stitches. And boy did I feel silly on how I was doing it wrong.
I thought that I would share this with all of you. Even if you already know how to embroider, it's still a nice video to watch.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The work of my great grandmother

When my husband and I got married, my great grandmother embroidered a set of pillow cases for us.
We are not a religious couple so I put the pillow cases away in my hope chest, and then eventually forgotten.

She did beautiful work.
She past away a couple of years ago. And sadly I never got to talk to her about the beautiful needlework craft.

I believe that she was in her late eighties when she made this.
Her detail is very precise. Very nice.

I now have a greater love for these pillow cases not only because she was my great grandmother, but also the care and love that she put into this wonderful work.