Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wedding fever, kinda

I'm friends with a couple that are getting married in August.
Not only are my husband and I invited but they also asked me to make their cake!! I can't wait. I did a friend's wedding cake last year and it was an awesome yet stressful experience.

With that last wedding I also made my dress. So to keep up the tradition, I will make another dress!

I picked up this pattern at the only Walmart near me that still sells them and fabric.
Since it is in August and an outdoor wedding (not sure about the reception) it will be warm out.
I want to make the halter style (the white one, at the bottom). I like the kind of fabric that is white with a little black pattern to it. Now my hunt for this kind of fabric begins!

I'm also thinking of making a simple petticoat to wear under it to give it a little flare. I have a loads of light weight soft tulle. Or I could just a little tulte to the bottom of the dress. I've got a couple of options.

But I hope that finding the right shoes to match won't be to hard to find.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kick Ass Book!

I know the the seasoned hand embroiders think this book is a little too beginner. But that's perfect for me!! I AM a beginner! I LOVE this book. I saw it on Amazon and put it on my Wish List. And lucky for me, my sister saw it there and bought it for me for christmas. She rocks!

I've done a couple of little projects so far. I work with a lot of felt shapes, so I have loads of stencils that I have made over the years, and they are perfect for embroidery.

I had a lot of fun whipping this little puppy up. I currently working on more projects that I do want to put up on my Etsy shop along with this one.
Can't wait!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happiness is... New stuff!!

Embellishing is my middle name! Well not really, well ok not at all, but I do it often enough to have it mean something.

This bag is a premade canvas bag that I added a pocket to and an extra long strap to. I have loads of remnants of cotton fabric. So I followed a tutorial in a book and made this! I'm a little annoyed that the fabric in the lower left corner puckered a little. But otherwise it looks good.
I was toying around with the idea of adding this type of bag (with the pockets) to my Etsy shop, but this isn't up to par for my taste, so I believe that I might give to a friend who LOVES cherries. :)

The pocket is lined and sewn on the front of the bag. Next time I will just hand sew it on, so there is a less chance of the puckering of the fabric. But I still like the look of it. I just used plain black cotton fabric for the longer handle so its easy to hang off the shoulder. And I added a snap closure.

This is the book that I got the project from. (A very awesome friend at work got it for me. <3)
I'm not a fan of the colors that are chosen in the book for the projects but otherwise it's not a bad book at all.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year!!

Here is the "action shot" of my handmade corset. I wore it to a new year's eve party. Everyone loved it!
I was so excited to wear it, and it was comfortable too.

So now you all know who is behind all of this nerdy cross stitch and sewing!

I wish everyone a happy and safe new year!

Love, luck and lollipops!