Friday, September 28, 2012

Night of the Living French Knots!

Not really, but I bet you know what I mean.

I got this design from rectangel from Flickr.

I took a TON of WIP (work in progress) pics about every night that I worked on it, and worked for about two to three hours a night. But I just decided to post the finished piece rather then to clog it up with a dozen photos of something half finished.

 The complete piece is a clothes hanger cover. 

 That, my friends, is a butt load of french knots. I use to hate these little guys with a passion. Now they are so stinking easy!

 I've noticed that the ombre thing is a thing now, so this is my "jumping on the ban wagon" project.

 Even though I think these stitches are easy now, they still take up a lot of thread. I believe I used almost an entire bobbin of the darkest pink.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Recent Stash Score

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday with my hubby. I wanted a couple of zippers and I came out with this.

For the record, my hubby encouraged me to buy some remnant and a couple of extra things.
It is a bonus being married to an artist.

I have been wanting to get more fusible interfacing and I could ALWAYS use more black and white thread.
The coolest thing about this is that I have immediate plans for ALL of it. Most Christmas gifts. So my current stash will not grow any more. 
That's good, right?

And it was all $30!