Thursday, June 30, 2011

Busy little bee...

I've made more!

Some are for our trio packs (happy, sad and angry), and individuals.

I'm currently working on the large pillow sized angry cloud and I hope to have some stars, moons and suns in the near future also.

I don't feel that my day would have been good enough if I wasn't sewing something. Yea for productive days!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Monsters!

We're under attack!!

We have new monsters! AHHH! ::runs away screaming with arms wagging over head::

These apparitions will be appearing on our Etsy shop in the near future.
They are a continuation of our Monstrously Cute series.

What is not to love about these adorable drooly guys?

Cross posted from our new blog (The hubby and I's Etsy creations)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tee shirt Recon!

I've had this one shirt for quite a few years. I love this shirt.
Never wore it.
It was WAY too short! At least two inches above my naval, but way too cute to get rid of.

I made it longer by adding jersey knit ruffles to the bottom.

The ruffles are not level, but I thought that it would be perfect for the chaos that this little monster creates.

Now it has new meaning and is fun to wear!

I like this so much that I need to find other shirts to do this too. :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Glitter and lace!

I made a bustle! My very first one, and most certainly not my last!
I've very happy with this piece. Sometimes it feels like they are more art pieces rather then clothing because I make my own pattern and pretty much wing it.

I love the short skirt and bustle look, very burlesque but classy.

There are layers and layers of fabric. Hot pink cotton (use to be a bed sheet), black chiffon, black soft tulle with glitter bats on it, and stiff black tulle in between the layers to give that fluffy look.

My hubby said while I was making it that he didn't understand why I wanted a bigger butt.
I giggled and said that I didn't care, I wanted a bustle. It's all about the style. I LOVE it!

It was very easy to make. I wish that I was good at giving instructions, I would do tutorials all the time. But,it was that easy to make. Very simple sewing skills.

You can see a little sparkle from the glitter bats on the fabric, I layered the black chiffon under it to make it look darker over the pink.

I have some vintage hot lace from the 80's, so I sewed it on and cut it up to give it a ripple-y affect.
I also used two different kinds of black lace trim.

I'm going to make another all black and with fancier fabric and a little different style.