Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to properly measure yourself

I've always have had problems in the past with all of the things that I have made from store bought patterns.
That's because I have been measuring myself wrong. After a little research, I found the proper way to to it. I measured myself a few times to make sure that I was doing it right, and each time I came out with the same numbers. And after using my proper measurements I actually made something from a pattern that turned out to fit me correctly.

Here's a quick guide, it's pretty simple.

Bust:  Around the fullest part of the bust. Around your back and up under your armpit. (with your arms down, you should be able to hold up the tape)

Waist: At your natural waist line. (It is higher up then you think)

Hips: The outer most part of your hips.

Inseam: The distance between the inner most part of the thigh to the bottom of your ankle.

Sleeve length: Start at the middle of the back of your neck and measure from your shoulder, then to your elbow and then to your wrist.

If you have difficulty with any of these a partner is a good way to help you get my proper measurements.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ice Cream

I drew up a quick little ice cream cone for my friend's birthday. The more I look at it the more I think that I could have done better, but she liked it, so I guess that the important part. :)

It says: pretty please with a

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Patience and Work Space

I REALLY want to post all the wonderful things that I have be working on, but unfortunately they are all gifts! grrr... 
But I will have some photo heavy posts in April.

So in the mean time here are some photos of my work area.

It is kinda hard to stay completely focused with a computer right there.
My dad made table. :)

I LOVE the manikin head that I got from my sister.  Her name is Harley. On sunny days you can see her through the window. <3

My back wall. My space is in the loft of our home so it's nice and open. So behind me here is the open hall.

So there is an inside peek of my work space.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Travel Boxy Bag

A couple of years ago my mom bought me a book on no sew to sew little bags. I put it on my shelf with every intention to make some, but I forgot all about it. :(

I picked it up the other day and decided that it will not be put away until I make one of the bags from it.

The material that the instructions called for was oilcloth, but I don't have that handy and I really wanted to do that style. So, I used two different fabrics and a very stiff interfacing instead.

I thought about putting the handle on but I didn't feel like making one, so this version doesn't have one.

It was pretty easy, the multiple fabric was a little tricky at some points, but overall it was manageable.

It took me a couple of hours tops.

I think now I'll go out to see if I can find some oilcloth and make another one.