Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Cleaning the Ol' Photos

I was going through my photos on my compy to better organize them and I made a file for all the clothes that I have made/altered. Then I thought that I should share some. Some of these I have posted in the past, and some never seen before but I wanted a post with them all together.

A good chunk of my photos are pretty much selfies. I don't like to bother my hubby with picture taking, and besides, most of my creations are made on my days off when he is at work.

 I VERY, VERY rarely pose for photos, for I am NOT photogenic. But I was very proud of my outfits and wanted pictures.
This was something I wore to an Emilie Autumn concert. (I really like black, but it's hard to photograph detail.)
I made the hat, necklace and corset.

Here is another outfit with the same corset.
 Plus, I made the wrist warmers (cut up shirt sleeve) and the polka dot skirt. That was a lot harder then I thought it was going to be to make. But it does show off the petticoat underneath.

 This is the back view. It is reversible. It's pretty much a waist cincher, but still does the job.
And here it is reversed (I also made the necklace in this photo).

 These awesome bloomers are my favorite piece of clothing EVER! They are made out of calico print dress I took apart.

 I had a plain and boring black spaghetti dress that I took and added pink tulle and polka dot strip of fabric to the hem.

This one is an old tee shirt that I folded and sewn into a halter top. I didn't get a back view, but it is cut into straps and tied. It's a nice warm weather shirt.
 A close up of the hat from the first photo. It's made out of foam board and sewn together and embellished.

 The hat from the second photo. It's a man's hat so it is too big, so I wear my hair in pig tails so it stays up higher on my head. I made the embellishment.

Same hat with brighter more cheerful colors. I really loved how these turned out.

I don't know how I came up with some of these back then before Pinterest. LOL!

Thank you for spending a little time with me and my walk down memory lane. :)