Thursday, June 28, 2012

Travel Makeup Roll

I was getting an inch to sew something. I have been busy with cakes and cupcakes lately, so really no time to sew or anything creative like that.
But, I might or might not make a post about that adventure. :)

Anyway, I remember seeing a fun and easy Make up holder tutorial floating on my RSS feed somewhere. So after some digging, I found it!

Centsational Girl put up this nifty tutorial and I just had to make one (at some point, lol). She gives you the basics and it's pretty easy to pick up on the rest, if you are an expreinced sewer.


I made some very minor adjustments and am very satisfied with the out come.

It only took me a couple hours.

So if you want some more fun tutorials, check out Centsational Girl's blog.

Oh, I almost forgot. I did have a helper, even though I didn't need any help from her. And by help I mean "Hey look! Fabric to grab and roll on!" and "OMG! STRING!"

 It might be a little hard to see her, but that's "Helper" Cinnamon.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bags and Pouches Galore!

I've been making bags of various sizes for a few days now.
I've wanted to organize my purse and not have loose papers (coupons and shopping lists) cluttering things up.

I've made an iPhone pouch and a pouch for my loose papers.

I love my wallet, but I can't fit too much stuff in it. And I'm going to have that thing until it breaks.

After making those bags for my purse, I decided that I wanted one for my newly acquired iPad.

 Drafting up the patterns was pretty quick and easy. Each bag only took about half an hour to an hour to make start to finish.

I guess you can call me a bag lady. :D