Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I can't resist a sale!

Last week Jo Ann Fabrics had all Simplicity patterns for $1
So I ran over there and picked up the pattern that I have had my eye on for years! I could never really get myself to fork over $14 on a pattern, so when I saw the sale I HAD to buy it. I have been wanting to make a corset for a few years now.

Then this week I was wondering around in Hobby Lobby and saw that they had McCall's patterns on sale for 99 cents! So I thought that I would pick up a fun one that wasn't clothing. The cakes and cupcakes look so cute! I have a lot of fabric remnants laying about so that will take care of those. :)
And last night I was at Walmart with my hubby and I picked up another pattern for a cute summer dress. I've been obsessed with light flowy dresses lately, and been wanting them badly.

I have a sewing project that I have almost done with. All that I have left is the buttons holes!

But my machine started acting up on me before I could finish the first hole! Grrr...
I WILL NOT give up! No I won't. I just needed a break before I threw it out the window.

The thing that gets me about patterns are that they are not "regular" sizes that I'm use to. If I buy a shirt off the rack its a size 6 but these patterns run small so I'm like a size 8 or 10. It drives me nuts.

I'm coming along on all my christmas gifts that I'm working for everybody. I'm almost done with one. I will post it when it's completed.

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