Monday, May 23, 2011

5 minute project!

I whipped up a really simple and easy envelop pillowcase.

I've had this fabric for the sole purpose of making it into pillowcases for my couch.

I made the pillow a loooong time ago, and just found it this morning, and got super excited because I could make my pillowcase.

These are my new favorite case to make. SOOO easy!

Next I want to make a rolled pillow, where it's tied off at the ends.

Last week I made a pillowcase to give to my friend for her wedding.
When I drew up the sampler design, I realize that I LOVE making my own designs, they are a lot of fun.

I learned a lot from this project. My embroidery was WAY too small. But I learn from my mistakes. :) The next that I make (for my sister-in-law) it will be bolder and the names will be bigger.

A side note:
I had this pillow for a week that it was killing me not to post it. I didn't want my friend to stumble upon it before hand.

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nothinfinah said...

I have the same issue with gifts I create :) I want to post pics online but have to wait until after the birthday/wedding/babyshower/christmas etc GAH!