Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Glitter and lace!

I made a bustle! My very first one, and most certainly not my last!
I've very happy with this piece. Sometimes it feels like they are more art pieces rather then clothing because I make my own pattern and pretty much wing it.

I love the short skirt and bustle look, very burlesque but classy.

There are layers and layers of fabric. Hot pink cotton (use to be a bed sheet), black chiffon, black soft tulle with glitter bats on it, and stiff black tulle in between the layers to give that fluffy look.

My hubby said while I was making it that he didn't understand why I wanted a bigger butt.
I giggled and said that I didn't care, I wanted a bustle. It's all about the style. I LOVE it!

It was very easy to make. I wish that I was good at giving instructions, I would do tutorials all the time. But,it was that easy to make. Very simple sewing skills.

You can see a little sparkle from the glitter bats on the fabric, I layered the black chiffon under it to make it look darker over the pink.

I have some vintage hot lace from the 80's, so I sewed it on and cut it up to give it a ripple-y affect.
I also used two different kinds of black lace trim.

I'm going to make another all black and with fancier fabric and a little different style.

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