Friday, September 9, 2011


 I LOVE Iron Fist shoes but not the prices.
I had an ugly plain white ballet flats leftover from a wedding I was in and well, I hate flats. Plus these were BORING white. I was going to toss them but I ran across a tute on the CO&K site. Then I knew what I would do with them.
 I found the shoes that I liked the best and used that for reference.

 So pretty!

The teeth!

I'm not a painter in any way, just not my forte. But I bit the bullet and just did it. 

 It's a good thing that I have shaky hands.
 WIP pics.

 They turned out just GREAT!! I was so impressed with myself for never have done anything like that before. I think that I'll buy some black flats instead of painting the whole shoe black. It was a lot easier then I thought.
My hubby likes them so much that he wants me to display them instead of wear them. lol!


~*~RoByN~*~ said...

these look really good!!! good job!

~*~RoByN~*~ said...
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Nosnin said...

Thank you! :D

Butter Hearts Sugar said...

I saw a girl wearing the green zombie flats a little while ago but didn't get to ask her about them. Your homemade ones look amazing, you did such a great job. I need to steal this idea :)