Thursday, June 28, 2012

Travel Makeup Roll

I was getting an inch to sew something. I have been busy with cakes and cupcakes lately, so really no time to sew or anything creative like that.
But, I might or might not make a post about that adventure. :)

Anyway, I remember seeing a fun and easy Make up holder tutorial floating on my RSS feed somewhere. So after some digging, I found it!

Centsational Girl put up this nifty tutorial and I just had to make one (at some point, lol). She gives you the basics and it's pretty easy to pick up on the rest, if you are an expreinced sewer.


I made some very minor adjustments and am very satisfied with the out come.

It only took me a couple hours.

So if you want some more fun tutorials, check out Centsational Girl's blog.

Oh, I almost forgot. I did have a helper, even though I didn't need any help from her. And by help I mean "Hey look! Fabric to grab and roll on!" and "OMG! STRING!"

 It might be a little hard to see her, but that's "Helper" Cinnamon.

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