Monday, October 6, 2008

Surveying the stash!

I was "cleaning" out my containers of craft stuff, and by cleaning I mean making a big ol' mess. But I had fun doing it! I keep all my crafting stuff seperate from my cross stitch things. I guess I'm a snob about keeping it all nice and neat in one spot, as to where the rest are kinda throw into draws and what not.
So I will start off this post with an introduction of my work space. It is in the spare room along with all of the boys music/art/computer stuff. We call it our studio.
The table was made by my father, it folds up and portable. I love it. The black storage container is the home of all of my cross stitch stuff, well what I could fit that is. The white one is the home of all of my other crafty projects that i do. In the closet I have all of my misc. craft books and finished craft projects that I have up for sale on my shop. I try very hard to keep it clean.

And now on to the stash!!

This is all of my embroidery thread. I will NEVER wind thread on itty bitty bobbins AGAIN!! It took for-freaking-ever!

A lot (I'm afraid to count it) of my cross stitch floss, I use only DMC. The plastic bags system works just fine for me. A little while ago I printed out a DMC Shopper's list, that has all of their thread (numbers), it helps out big time, I know what I have without going through all my bags.

A crap load of my books and charts

That's a lot of hoops! And loads of fabric!!
A lot of this stuff was given to me by a friend that I use to work with. She just gave to me, I was more then happy to accept it!

I also have a lot of magazines, but i found that the British ones have more cute and whimsical charts in them, so I have a lot of those, but they are a little pricy. Ya know, being from over seas and all :)


Katie Kutthroat said...

wow! i love it! i want to live in that room. ha. awesome stuff :) very cool table. that is one thing i am lacking right now!

Mr X Stitch said...

Floss in bags?
My brain is hurting from the paradigm shift I'm experiencing right now... :)

Please explain more. :)

Nosnin said...

I leave the floss in the wrapper bands that they come in. I just pull on the color I need and then pop them back in the bag. I really haven't had a problem with them getting all tangled up. I hate winding them on bobbins, it tries my sanity. lol!

Mr X Stitch said...

I remember spending New Years Eve winding bobbins one year. You go through phases of enjoyment and despair, but it's bloody nice when you get them all sorted..!