Thursday, September 10, 2009


I like owls, so I made some. I started out making a few tiny ones. I liked them so much that I made large ones. I am very happy with how these fellas turned out. I posted progress pics to share.

I love to make templates. It makes projects flow better for me, and I can use them over and over again.

I cut everything out first and place the piece where I want them to go. I used fleece and felt on these fair feathered friends. I have mixed feelings on working with fleece. It's too stretchy, and I had trouble lining up the front and back pieces.

I made a red and blue one. I stitched them like I stitch all my plushies. It gives them the handmade feel.

My favorite part of these plushies are their "eyebrows".
I plan on making more in various colors.
I'm thinking about putting them up on my Etsy shop.


wendy said...

Those are adorable!

stina said...

how cute!!! well done!

Nosnin said...

thank you!!

Elise said...

Oh my ! Owls are my very fave - how clever of you !