Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ha ha! Something new to post!

I moment that I laid eyes on this design in Embroidered Effects by Jenny Hart, I HAD to stitch it!

I had a pitifully plain v neck tee shirt that was screaming for embellishment. And the design was the perfect size that fit from the should to the *ahem* boob. (Yeah, I said it)

I used some white sequins as a finishing touch (I'm not a sequins kinda gal, but it worked).


Nomadic Threader said...

You're the first person I've seen hand embroidered on a t-shirt. I have plenty of t-shirts to hand embroider but was a little unsure about doing it because of the stability the fabric of the shirt has. Now I know. Thanks!

Nosnin said...

No problem, just make sure you have a very sharp needle. :)