Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Tools of the Trade

These are my favorite tools that I pretty much use every day.

 I make a lot different things, I like to mix it up so I don't get burnt out on something.

I quit kidding myself and stopped buying the little bottles of craft glue.

 I love my hot iron transfer pencil, it's mainly used for transferring embroidery patterns on to fabric via hot iron (duh). 
I measure a lot of stuff so I use a basic pen to mark everything and when I make patterns, I write on them to label the sides, the front, etc.
I have an entire old school lunch box full of different colored sharpies. They work great on making patterns on felt.
And for some reason, I forgot to include a regular pencil.

I believe I have over 8 pairs of scissors. I use each pair for different things. Pictured, I have pinking shears, fabric scissors, paper scissors, and an awesome folding pair for traveling.

I don't like to use the fabric pair for paper, I've read conflicting articles on you should/shouldn't use them for multi-use. They may or may not become dull faster. But I do know that the pair I use for paper do not cut fabric at all.
 My main passion is embroidery. I use many different hoop styles and sizes. 
I tend to keep my embroidery floss wound on bobbins and my cross stitch floss still in the bands in labeled plastic baggies. I have way too many skeins of floss to wind them all.

 Last but most certainly not least, my sewing supplies!
I can not live without my seam ripper. We have a love hate relationship.

I use my tailor's chalk a lot! It's easy to use and it just dusts right off.

I have actually gone through several measuring tapes.

That is only one of my six (yes, six) pin cushions/pins (there is a needle and thread on it).

And I really think that a hem gauge is very useful. It has saved me many times.

There are other tools that I do use but only one in a while. These are just the ones that get used daily.

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