Friday, July 6, 2012

New Sewing Machine of Awesomeness!

I scoured the interwebs for a new sewing machine that did everything that I wanted. I'm a simple girl.

I do want a serger, but they are pricey and I wanted a machine that could do a lot of things.

So on Sunday, I finally ordered a new sewing machine. And I got it Thursday. Very short wait time!

I stumbled across this Singer 7256 fashion mate. It had everything that I was looking for, and the good/great reviews were overwhelming. The very few negative reviews that I read seemed like the reviewers lacked sewing experience, and the problems that they had with it were user error.

It is inexpensive for what it can do, stylish, and it has a drop bobbin rather then a side load bobbin.
I became obsessed with this machine, I read everything that I could about it. The very last review that I read said that this machine was quiet. That one word right there sold me on it. QUIET. And it IS quiet!      ::Happy dance::

My old sewing machine is still in excellent shape, I just outgrow it's limitations. It's a 10 year old Kenmore, never really had any problems with it that were not user error. It really can only do a small handful of stitches, and the technology is kind outdated in comparison to the latest models on the market.

Now, this Singer is very sophisticated in comparison to my old Kenmore. The options that are available are vast and fancy. First of all it's computerized, and I don't really ever have to touch the tension. Ever. (that is the problem that I always had in the very beginning of my sewing experience)

A little sample of the stitches. Can't wait to try out more!

There are many features that I didn't even know that were possible until I started looking for a new machine.

The presser foot and electric plug are separated unlike you old Kenmore. Both unplug easily. It also came with a large set of tools/accessories. 
Without the accessory box.
 The spool pin can be used horizontal or vertical.
And the instructions printed on top showing how to thread the machine are very simple and easy to follow.

I really like the drop bobbin, it's a lot easier to load and you can see when it is about to run out of thread.

Overall, I very pleased with my purchase and I can see myself uses this sewing machine for years and years.

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