Friday, September 5, 2008

Progress over the years

My mom first showed me a needle and thread when I was about the age of 12. For years before, I watch my mom sew clothes for us kids and relax cross stitching. She did some very beautiful work. She kinda stopped after awhile, I'm not sure why but she has her reasons I suppose. But she ended up giving my sister a good chunk of her sewing stuff, and me all of her cross stitch things.
When she taught me x stitch in the beginning, she handed me a kit and I when to town on it... for about two days and then I lost ALL interest in it. I ended up putting it away with keepsakes and such. When I was about 21, I was moving out of my parents house and found it while I was putting things away in my new home. I had done about thirteen rows. Sad, I know. I decided to finish it, 9 years later!
As you can see in the photo that balloons look really crappy. But as finished it I understood that I had to be patience and not to pull so damn hard! I never framed it because after all these years the fabric yellowed and stained. But I keep it with the rest of my cross stitch things.
But over the years I have improved greatly.

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GothFaerieQueen said...

I learned to cross stitch in home economics! My first one did not look so fabulous...