Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Recent Finish

A couple of months ago I finished a big project. But it was easy, so easy in fact that I had to put it down off and on for 4 months (staring at the same color, it messed with my eyes). It's all in one color and it's a decent size. I just need to frame it. That's one thing that I'm not good at it frame my projects. A. customs frames, B. expensive. So I try to make my things into pillows or wall hangings and things along those lines.

It is a free design that I got off the internet. It was so pretty that I could not pass up. And I LOVE faeries.
Passione Ricamo has some very beautiful charts and freebies. I plan on stitching more of this artists charts.

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wendy said...

oh yes i have printed out all three years of those my to do
nicely done!