Friday, January 15, 2010

Happiness is... New stuff!!

Embellishing is my middle name! Well not really, well ok not at all, but I do it often enough to have it mean something.

This bag is a premade canvas bag that I added a pocket to and an extra long strap to. I have loads of remnants of cotton fabric. So I followed a tutorial in a book and made this! I'm a little annoyed that the fabric in the lower left corner puckered a little. But otherwise it looks good.
I was toying around with the idea of adding this type of bag (with the pockets) to my Etsy shop, but this isn't up to par for my taste, so I believe that I might give to a friend who LOVES cherries. :)

The pocket is lined and sewn on the front of the bag. Next time I will just hand sew it on, so there is a less chance of the puckering of the fabric. But I still like the look of it. I just used plain black cotton fabric for the longer handle so its easy to hang off the shoulder. And I added a snap closure.

This is the book that I got the project from. (A very awesome friend at work got it for me. <3)
I'm not a fan of the colors that are chosen in the book for the projects but otherwise it's not a bad book at all.

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