Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wedding fever, kinda

I'm friends with a couple that are getting married in August.
Not only are my husband and I invited but they also asked me to make their cake!! I can't wait. I did a friend's wedding cake last year and it was an awesome yet stressful experience.

With that last wedding I also made my dress. So to keep up the tradition, I will make another dress!

I picked up this pattern at the only Walmart near me that still sells them and fabric.
Since it is in August and an outdoor wedding (not sure about the reception) it will be warm out.
I want to make the halter style (the white one, at the bottom). I like the kind of fabric that is white with a little black pattern to it. Now my hunt for this kind of fabric begins!

I'm also thinking of making a simple petticoat to wear under it to give it a little flare. I have a loads of light weight soft tulle. Or I could just a little tulte to the bottom of the dress. I've got a couple of options.

But I hope that finding the right shoes to match won't be to hard to find.

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