Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It Came From the Floss Box!

This post continues my floss storage stuff.

 In the last post I mentioned that I keep all of my embroidering floss on bobbins.

I recently went through all of them and reorganized them, now I have two boxes! Oy!

I often have small projects so I don't want to lug around EVERY color I posses.
So one of to the newest thing that I like to use for my small projects that only require a couple of colors are these:

They are called Really Useful Boxes.
I got these for $1.00. They had a bin at Office Max for a whole bunch of sizes of these.

I just may have to get more, they stack really nice. And more importantly, they clamp closed so I can keep them on my desk and not worry about the cat getting into it.

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sassypackrat said...

I love how you've organized your floss! Years ago I had it sorted like that. Now I keep mine jumbled in a bin and I have to spend time pawing through it to find anything. I also never know when I'm out. It's a time waster and dumb but the thought of winding all my floss on cards makes my eye twitch.

The more I look at how pretty and organized it is the more I want to do it too. ;0)