Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Trails and Tribulations of Iron ons

For my birthday I got a cute book of iron on transfers from a very good great friend.

20 sheets of cute iron on transfers

I've always associated iron ons with a large amounts of frustration. I could never apply the right amount to heat for the right amount of time, and it would always turn out with only half the design on the cloth (I run into that problem all the time with my transfer pencil for embroidery), or nothing at all and a ruined transfer.

But before I started I when to Amazon and checked out the reviews to see if people liked this book. There was a lot of 1 star reviews and a couple of good ones, also. But after reading though all of them (I wanted as much info as possible) all of the low reviews were for the old copy of the book. 

But they released the book with improved transfers. It has a "new and improved" sticker on it (the one I have does). I thought "Alright! Lets dive right in!" 

The directions are very easy to follow. The first one I used was a test. And it came out very nice.

The only thing that I was concerned about was the really high heat. They recommended high heat. I guess my iron is really hot, because it turned the back of the paper brown and I used an old pair of jeans as padding and the color from the jeans bled onto the back of the fabric I transferred onto, as you can see it on the front of the fabric. I only had the heat on it for a couple of minutes, like the book directed.

Next time I will use white or a lighter colored material underneath it.
 It was a good learning experience though. 

But over all I was impressed with the out come.
I will definitely use more transfers.

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