Monday, February 6, 2012

Coffee time!

Yes, yes. I know, I love coffee WAY too much!

I can't help that it tastes so good with the right amount to cream and sugar.

A while ago The wonderful Wild Olive put up some freebies on her blog that I could not possible pass up.
Cute adorable guys like a grinder, a to go mug and a good ol' pot of java!

 I drafted the coffee part.

 After I finished off the back.


Mollie. said...
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Mollie. said...

yay! I love seeing things people have stitched from my patterns!

also, here's a photo from designer's's an overwhelming place (and be sure to check out the basement!)

Nosnin said...

Holy Moley! I can't wait to go!! Thanks again for posting that. :)