Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mister Simon

Previously I made a post about the baby gifts that I made for a friend. This post is pretty much the same thing but for another friend.
I came to the conclusion that I really enjoy making baby stuff. Everything is miniature, it's so freaking cute!
Alright, move along I'm done squealing.
Mister Simon was introduced to the world back at the end of May.

I made a box bag, bunting, appliqued a tote, embroidered a onesie and a couple of burp clothes.
She had a couple of themes and I completely ignored them ;)

She loved everything!

 This is the second box bag that I have ever made and it turned out better then the first one.
Practice makes prefect, right?

I posted a tutorial on how to make these here.

I drew up this little guy in a snap and appliqued him onto a canvas bag. 

I draw better in straight lines.

I just had to embroider a onesie.

And Cinnamon just had to "help" by laying on the stuff.


LimeRiot said...

What darling gifts! I especially like the bunting.

Nosnin said...

Thank you. They are so easy to make I lose count of how many flags I make. lol.

Butter Hearts Sugar said...

Love the bunting! and cinnamon, what a cutie. My cat loves to lay on random things too.

Butter Hearts Sugar said...
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Nosnin said...

Thank you :)