Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yoyos, yo?

I've always seen these little things here and there, I never knew what they were called. A while ago my sister mentioned that we should make some. I said sure, but that were quickly forgotten. 
But then I saw them on the Internet and that re-sparked my interest. 

I can't believe how easy they are to make.
They take very little fabric and thread to make. I put a little tutorial together to show how easy they are.

You will need: 
5 x 5 inch pieces of fabric
a circle template (I used a Spiderman tin)

I started out with a 4 inch diameter circle. (I just used a tin lid, because it was the perfect size and convenient)

 Trace the circle onto the fabric using a pencil or what ever you prefer to use.

 Then cut out the circle, like sew, ha ha, get it? sew, so, um yeah...

I use a lot of scraps I had saved, worked out very well.

Next, fold under about a quarter of the fabric and then take your needle and thread and tie off the end, large enough that it won't slip right through the fabric and start a running stitch around that quarter inch fold. Kinda like a hem.

 Try to make sure that the stitches are small and even.

 End you last stitch right next the first stitch, but don't tie it off, you then firmly grip the thread and GENTLY pull on it.

Then it will start to gather. 

 It will now have soft pleats as you gather the edge. Sew a stitch or two to hold the gathers in place, then knot (a couple of times to make sure it stays) and cut off the end of the thread.


 This should be what they look like when you are finished.
A little under three inches.
You can adjust the size of you circle if you want larger or smaller yoyos.

 I ended up make few, after I got the hang of it, it went pretty fast.

Now I have to think of what I want to put these on. My sister said she wanted to make a quilt out of them. That's A LOT of yoyos! But it would look adorable.

I'm thinking more along the lines of a necklace or a headband. Much easier.


LimeRiot said...

I love yo yos! I've seen yo yo quilts and they are amazing.

Nosnin said...

Those quilts are gorgeous! They look very time consuming (but in a good way). :)