Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Family Heirloom Stitching

I spent that day with my mom today. They went to a couple of antique stores and we found a lot of old embroidered tablecloths, napkins, and table runners.
I remember when growing up, my mom had some items like those from her grandmother and used them on occasion.

I think my mom was a little surprised that I was interested in those "old relics".
Later on when we got back to her house, she said that she had some fabric she wanted me to look at to see if I wanted any.

So she gets it all out and siting on top was an old tablecloth that her grandmother appliqued.  She held it up and shook it out, and commented on all the old satins on it and I replied that they give it character, and it was well used.
She was hesitant to put it down and then hands it to me and asks me if I wanted it. She said that she knows that i would appreciate it.
And I do!

 (my foot shown for size)

So this classic is hand embroidered and appliqued. No machine. All her. And the edging is also hand crocheted. It is old and some spots are torn or missing, but that shows it's age. I love every bit of it down to the last stain and tear.

 Check out the hand applique work. Blanket stitch.

 Nice and simple openwork or pulled thread.

I never never met Granny West, but I've heard wonderful stories about my mom and all her sister's spending summers at the farm in Texas.

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