Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer of the Baby (Baby Maeve post)

This summer I had two friends that gave birth to beautiful babies. One at the end of May (a boy) and the other last week (a girl).

This post is about what I made for Baby Maeve. And what a cutie she is!

And all the cute things for sweet little Simon will be up soon.

The parents didn't want to know the gender of their little bundle of joy. But they wanted the stuff for the baby to be colorful.

I didn't get a picture of the little travel tissue holder. (top of the photo)
I tried to think gender neutral but that was kinda difficult. But I got to use nice and bright fabrics and cute onsies.

I made a diaper bag insert.
It holds a couple of diapers and a thing of wipes.

I've posted this unicorn Pegasus before, but now I can say who it was for. I kinda wanted to keep this one, but I guess I can still make another one. :P

 I thought that I would applique a couple of onsies.  Can't go wrong with those.

A cute little Dino. Unfortunately I didn't take a finished photo. :(

And I made a lion. Rawr!

And any friend that is going to have a baby knows by now that they are going to get bunting. It's just something that I make for babies. It helps liven up the walls and something bright and colorful to look at.

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