Saturday, July 28, 2012

How to finish a Hoop Part: II

 I did a previous post on how to finish a hoop.

This post is an alternative way to finish a hoop. Very similar but different enough.

You will need:
an embroidery hoop or two
needle and thread
your finished piece
a pencil
extra fabric
 You can take the same fabric that you used for the project (if you have enough) or you can use a different piece. It really doesn't matter because this is the back side and you probably won't see that side while being displayed.

Fold the fabric in half.
(Make sure that your fabric is right sides facing each other. You will need to flip it right side out to finish.)
Then place the hoop on top of that.
Trace the inside of the hoop.
(I hope you can see the line in the photo)
I really should of ironed this before the pictures, but I was a little pressed for time. I do apologize.
You can set this aside and start with the finished piece.

Place you piece on the hoop how you want it to fit and tighten the hoop.

On the back, start with a running stitch about an inch to 2 inches on the outside of the hooped piece.

Run it along the entire outside of the hoop and end it right next the start, but don't tie it off yet. Take that end piece and gently pull the thread until the fabric gathers (like photos below).

 While keeping the thread taunt, tie off the end and then cut off excess fabric.

This is what it should look like.

Then go back to that piece that you traced and sew around that circle. 
Leave a small open area so you can pull it through.
(Yes this is the same fabric. Unfortunately I ran out of natural light to take photos in)

 Then trim off the excess fabric around the circle.
Next pull the fabric right side out.


 Placing the fabric circle on top of the back of the piece, stitch it on. A simple running stitch does the trick. It might be a little challenging towards the end, stitch through that top part and still get the bottom fabric too. But you can do it!

Tie off the end and you are finished!

 Finished! YAY!

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